General Motors Soup Diet – Review

The General Motors Soup diet claims to aid in losing 10-17 pounds in a week. Since I have a few formal events coming up in October and quite a few (lol) pounds to shed, I decided to give it a go.
The original plan and requirements can be found here. This is my review of it.

Day 1:

Every time I decide to start a diet, I look at my schedule for the coming week making sure it’s clear of any get togethers that might lead to stuffing myself. And, as it is every time I decide to start a diet, this time – too – we were paid unexpected visits by family members on the very first day.
Naturally, my mother made some of my favorite food (including kebabs in a tomato cream curry and oven roasted chickens with the crispy skin still on. Sigh.) I decided that this was my ultimate test. If I could resist the food and stick to the diet plan, I would be strong enough to remain firm for the rest of the week.
And, so, while everyone else dug into warm naans and licked spicy sauces off their fingers, I clasped a plate of grapes tight in my hands and tried not to smell anything.
Tip#1: Dieters tend to usually leave the room or shrug and say, “I’m dieting” as they watch other people eat and this makes it ten times more difficult. The best thing to do is eat with everyone at the same time, just not what they eat.
As a happy ending to this sorrowful tale, however, I did not eat anything I shouldn’t have and stuck to my fruits and my soup. Here’s a recap of what I consumed:

Black Tea
Black Coffee
Wonder Soup

I felt good at night, pleased with my effort and hopeful about the next day.

Day 2:

I awoke late and the first thing I did was check my weight. I had lost 0.8 kg and I was so happy with that. I was also really excited about the baked potato I had for breakfast (butter has never tasted SO good).
Here in Pakistan, a really common and beloved street food is challi, which is basically roasted corn on the cob rubbed with a lemon dipped in spice mix.

YUM. (copyright to Google and the original owner)

YUM(copyrights to Google and the original owner)

It’s fantastic and I had three throughout the day (yay).
However, at night we headed out for some shopping and I had to stare at my fingernails while my mom bought samosa chaat (a mix of potato stuffed samosas with spiced yogurt, sweet sauces and salad). God, I think I’ll turn this into a food blog when I’m done with the diet.
Tip#2: if you’re heading out and the chances are people around you will most definitely eat something,  do keep a small box of anything you can nibble at to curb those feelings of being lonesome in your foodlessness.
If I was to redo this I probably would’ve brought sliced carrots and cucumbers with me. As you can probably imagine,  I was pretty grumpy by the end of day two.

Summing it up, here’s what I had:

Baked potato
Black Coffee
Wonder Soup

Day 3:

I still don’t know what happened here. Not only had I not lost any more weight, I had actually gained 0.2 kg.
My day therefore passed in a pretty lousy mood. Thankfully no one came over and we didn’t go out otherwise I might seriously have considered giving it all up.
However, some time in the afternoon I decided to reread the diet plan on the website and I found, to my great relief, that the actual pound shedding begins on Day 3. Reading that filled me with a sense of hope and renewed determination.
Tip#3: Do not be discouraged if your weight fluctuates during the diet – this is natural and the only thing that really counts is the weight at the end of the week.
Were it not for this review, I think I wouldn’t have checked my weight every day.
Here’s what I had:

Wonder Soup

I don’t know what happened to me by the end of the day. I strained a full can of pineapple and ate it with a vengeance after reading that it was apparently a very useful fruit in terms of aiding diets. Then I went to bed praying I would’ve lost some weight the next day.

Day 4:

I awoke feeling surprisingly fresh and light. I went to check my weight, quite reluctantly, and was overjoyed to find I had lost 0.8 kg! This really restored my faith in the diet – if the pounds had finally started dropping, I decided the GM people must know what they’re talking about.
I love milk – day 4 might be difficult for people who don’t but, come on, it’s refreshing and creamy and healthy – what’s not to love? Another plus point – I don’t mind bananas either.
I ate 5 bananas and had two glasses of milk. 4 days into the diet and I felt up for a treat so I decided to go out for a proper mocha coffee. Since the diet allows black coffee and I still had a glass of milk left for the day, I finished my night with this delicious steaming cup at TeaTok.

Well, of course I had to snapchat it.

Well, of course I had to snapchat it 🙂

It’s not cheating if there’s no sugar right? True to the GM promise, my cravings stopped. In fact, guess what I managed to resist: a steaming bowl of chicken biryani, potato stuffed samosas, homemade kebabs and deep fried chicken wings. And when I went to pick up an aunt for the coffee, she put a dark chocolate cake, a chocolate rusk dessert and cheesy pasta in front of me. And I watched my sister eat.
Tip#4: Constantly remind yourself of how temporary the pleasure of eating is. This is probably the tip I’ll stress on most. After the weight loss you are free to eat what you want but the act of eating and the taste of the food will disappear much faster than the stubborn kilos on the weighing machine.
But, in all honestly, I’m making it sound far worse than it was. It was so much easier to resist than the previous days. I really didn’t even feel so tempted. Here’s what I had during the day:

Mocha coffee
Wonder Soup

Pretty pleased with Day 4. Went to bed feeling surprisingly satisfied.

Day 5:

I woke up a little hungry on Day 5 but it was Friday and since I woke up late, most of the shops were closed for the Jumma prayer so I didn’t get to buy the beef. Therefore, I had soup for breakfast.
Oh and did I mention? I had lost 0.8 kg again. It felt so brilliant.
But afterwards I went and bought beef seekh kebabs and beef tikka – both of which had been made on a grill over hot coal. But so here’s the problem: consuming five tomatoes is mandatory and I just don’t like the taste of raw tomatoes.
So what did I do?
I blitzed the tomatoes in a blender with some water, green chilli and crushed garlic and ginger. Then I poured that into a pan, added some seasoning and cooked it until it evaporated into a thick paste. Then I added the already cooked beef kebabs and tikka and placed the pan in the oven for a few minutes, just to let the meat absorb the sauce and heat up well. It ended up tasting delicious and I think I’ll make it again once I’ve reached my goal weight but with ground beef and serve it with spaghetti.
In a nutshell, though, here’s what I had:

Beef tikka
Beef seekh kebab
Wonder Soup

I also increased my water intake to twice as much as before because apparently the tomatoes and beef combination is very high in acidity and it’s important to wash it down well.
Tip#5: Water is your new best friend. Keep it with you at all times and drink as much as possible. (You might need to go to the bathroom a little too often, but it’s worth it – trust me).
Overall, the day went very well. Tikka is something I’d be happy to eat even if I wasn’t dieting (except I’d usually go for chicken instead of beef) so I was quite happy. The only thing that worried me was how full I felt – I hoped desperately that it wasn’t a sign of any weight gain.

Day 6:

I lost another 0.6 kg!
Beef and vegetables. This was one of the easiest days. I bought some frozen chappal kebabs and heated one up every time I was hungry which, surprisingly, wasn’t actually too often. I cooked the veggies in water and I felt light throughout the day. Here’s what I had:

Chappal kebab
Green olives
Wonder Soup

My little brother had called some friends over so I had them put marshmallows on wooden skewers and made a thick fudge sauce for them to use as a fun dip which they really enjoyed. Then I went ahead and made three different batches of cookie dough which used up a good portion of my day and so I barely had any time to think about the diet at all.

yummyy... Top row: Oats, coconut chocolate chip Middle row: Double chocolate fudge Bottom row: Vanilla chocolate chip

(Source: My Instagram)
Top row: Oats, coconut chocolate chip
Middle row: Double chocolate fudge
Bottom row: Vanilla chocolate chip

Now I know it seems like I’m just torturing myself but, really, it was a great way for me to the pass the time.
Tip#6: Focus on things you love to do – be it baking, reading, swimming etc. Consistently turning your attention towards activities will keep your mind off the diet. Stay busy, stay active, stay completely preoccupied.
I went to sleep glad I had made it this far and proud (but heartbroken) that I hadn’t even tasted a cookie.

Day 7:

Lost another 0.4 kg but I had to change things a bit for Day 7. Unfortunately I had had an asthma attack the night before and rice only worsens the condition. So I had to make do with vegetables and fruit juices.
So it passed a little miserably at first since I had been looking forward to the brown rice and to finally tasting my mom’s cooking again. In a slightly bitter (and foolish) mood I refused to eat anything at all until it was way past lunchtime.
Tip#7: Do not do this. Do not be me. Have nibbles throughout the day because otherwise your growling stomach will convince you that it’s okay to stuff yourself at the end of the day instead. Nibbling is always better than stuffing… and it helps with bitter moods too.
In the end, though, my mother convinced me to look up vegetable dishes online and so I attempted my first vegetables-only based dish.

Zucchini boats stuffed with mushrooms and a side of oven baked crispy okra.

My all vegetable dinner for Day 7.

I made zucchini boats stuffed with mushrooms and a side helping of oven baked crispy okra in a yogurt sauce. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the taste of the zucchini so I ended up scraping out the stuffing and eating it with a small piece of whole wheat flatbread. The okra was delicious though!
A quick recap of my intake for the day:

Zucchini (well, three bites)
Whole wheat flatbread
Apple+Melon juice
Wonder Soup

I went to sleep praying that the flatbread wouldn’t tip the weighing scales against me the next morning. Only time would tell.

Result Day/Dooms Day:

So. Final weigh in: I had lost another 0.2 kg!
In total, therefore, I had lost 3.4 kg. While that’s no where near the 5-7 that the diet promised, I’m still pretty happy with it because for a while now my weight had just been on standstill. Also this wasn’t my first time doing the diet, just my first time reviewing it, so maybe it wasn’t enough of a shock to my system.

Final tip: Consume a lot of the Wonder Soup. It seems to kick the body into fat-burning mode. The days I consumed more, I found that I also lost more weight.

So there you have it. I’d love to hear your comments whether you’ve done the diet, are planning on doing it or simply have any useful input on the subject.
I might be reviewing more diets in the future so if there any particulars you’d like to see, do let me know and I’ll see if I can be the lab rat. ^_^

Note: The original review was previously published on my other blog site,


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