Bananas & Milk Diet – Review

So the claim of this diet is that you can lose three kg in three days if you limit your food intake to three bananas and three glasses of milk for each of the three days. My original reaction? That’s a lot of threes!

But getting to the point: I’ve been baking and eating out and ordering in and snacking a lot lately. Just last week I posted a recipe for a Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Pie which was oh so delicious but oh so fattening! (Don’t worry; I’m not implying that I ate it all by myself – it finished before I had the chance to). So due to the last few lazy months of not giving a crap, I’ve gained some weight and lost some energy. Time for that to change.


Three bananas, three cups of milk, three days.

It’s summer, my least favorite time of the year (save for the fact that summer means holidays – that’s about all the good that the hot weather brings). I’ve got quite a few weddings and parties to attend and most likely a dozen or so sleepovers reliant on midnight snacking to deal with hot nights of loadshedding. I need to lose weight before summer turns me into a non-green Hulk. So let’s put this diet to the test.

Menu per Day:

3 bananas

3 cups of milk (the original diet said skimmed but I was too lazy to buy some and also, YOLO)

The diet also recommends an intake of 1 litre of water daily (which is almost four and a half cups) as well as consumption of green tea

If you’re feeling highly peckish, you’re allowed to have one piece of boiled chicken only!

Okay? Okay.


My meal for the next three days. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Day One:

I woke up hungry. A banana and a glass of milk is actually a pretty filling breakfast and I lasted the rest of the morning without fainting or complaining. Hurrah!

Around lunchtime, though,  my stomach was growling and I had my second round of bananas and milk earlier than I had anticipated. What this meant, unfortunately, was that now there would be a long wait till dinner.

I gave in. I have to admit, I had been hoping to avoid the chicken completely but around five o’clock I was craving some savory food and a piece of boiled chicken, although it’s no pasta, sounded pretty good.

We didn’t have any guests over today, which was a relief otherwise my mom would have decorated the tea trolley with food I would’ve found hard to resist.

I had my last round of bananas and milk around 7:15 at night and then drank two cups of green tea to wash away the guilt of the chicken.

Wondering how exactly this diet works, I entered my meals into the calorie counter on MyFitnessPal and apparently the whole day, chicken and green tea included, you only intake about 838 calories. Which is like 362 calories less than the minimum healthy amount. So this diet probably isn’t the healthiest way to lose weight. But oh well, time to stick with it.


I went to sleep hungry.

Day Two:

I lost 0.8 kg! Which is very exciting and highly motivating.

Banana and milk for breakfast again, obviously, and then a cup of green tea soon afterwards. When I got hungry, I’d try to curb it with the green tea. It half worked most of the time.

It helps that I love green tea, especially this refreshing Moroccan Mint flavor from Tapal.


And, no, before you think it – I have not been asked to endorse this brand. I just really love their green tea. It is deliciously refreshing and smells like mint chewing gum, but tastes much better.

So I’m not complaining too much.

Except I got hungry again. Very soon.

But this time I was determined to not have my lunch meal early. I didn’t want to have to return to the chicken piece today – I wanted to see the difference (if any) that would make.

So… I had another cup of green tea. Yay.

Hungry as I fell asleep again.

Day Three:

I lost 0.6 kg today. Which is supposed to be good news except I don’t like it when I’m promised one thing and handed another. Looking at a three kg in three days diet, one would naturally assume that it would be a decline of one kg each day. In that case, I’ve lost 1.4 kg when actually I’m supposed to have lost 2 kg.

So, not in the best mood today.

I checked my calorie intake again, since I didn’t have chicken yesterday or today.

day 3

759 calories. How is it that I lost less weight the second day? The workings of these diets are mysterious.

Anyway, I was quick to have breakfast and followed it up with green tea. I decided to really increase my water consumption today to see if that would make a difference to the final weigh-in tomorrow. I filled a jug with water and decided I’d have to finish it all by the afternoon. And then have yet another jug of water by night time.

I also drank three cups of green tea. Because I could.

So I did.


I had lunch early which was fine by me. Although, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t feel as hungry as I had the first day and I even craved savory food less. Which is weird; I thought as the diet would progress, so would my need to eat the roti and chicken curry my family had for lunch. Instead, I found myself slowly growing immune to this need. Which is great – I guess.

Dinner around 7 o’clock and then I fell asleep, hopeful about the final weigh in.

Day Four:

I had lost another 0.6 kg! Bringing my total weight loss up to a neat 2 kg.


An overall loss of 2 kg in 3 days, which is brilliant, except the diet promised 3 kg and it really sucks when you’ve got your hopes all high. So does it work? Yes but, at least in my case, not exactly as stated. If you plan on doing this diet, I would recommend increasing your green tea and water consumption to the max and also keeping your expectations more reasonable than I did.

So there you have it – Bananas and Milk. Let me know if there are any diets out there that you’re curious about and I might try them out. I still have some time to shed more pounds before Ramadan!

Note: This review was previously published on my other blog site,


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